snowbrero card

snowbrero card


a card for your winter greetings. blank and ready to be filled with your deepest winter thoughts. and/or the not so deep ones, too. 4 x 5.75 inches and comes with a nice, simple yet classy, white mailing envelope. AND el chicharron approved.

short(ish) version of a long story:
my sweetie was born and raised in el paso, tx. we met in albuquerque, nm and lived there for a while. then we moved to portland, or and lived there for a really long while. then we had a baby and i wanted to move closer to my parents, so we moved to maine. neither of us had ever lived in maine but thought it can't be that different than the places we've been before.
it's pretty different.
my sister's husband gave us a crazy old snowblower for a housewarming gift. two days after we signed on the dotted line and took over the hogfarm, there was a major blizzard. and our pipes froze. and some other horrible stuff happened. feeling like he couldn't be any farther from his chicano roots, and to try and stop my continuous sobbing, gil put on our sombrero and figured out how to run the snowblower.

i dried my tears, took a few photos and our very favorite holiday image ever was born.

Peace, love, and fair trade,
Los Corrals

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