a moment of realization by Gil Corral

Gil just finished this amazing piece.  And it is truly amazing.  The photos aren't doing it justice with the subtly of the colors and how he matched the groovy/weird 1970s greenish blueish and gold palatte.  It keeps in complete step with the vintage ocean scene painting.  I cannot not get over ...well, a few things.  That he had the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time to find this painting.  That he had the vision to see what was there in the ocean scene as so much more.  And that he has the patience and ability to execute the imagery so convincingly but also with such warmth and ...humor?  or ...i'm not sure what to call it but i really love it.  Right now, it's available in his shop here

but i'm not sure if I want to let it go.  Truly one in a million one of a kind.  ...

love, peace and fair trade,